mallJMK have now secured access to international funding through several investment funds and private investors that provide funding for the following projects with a possible rent back and buy back option or on a joint venture basis:

  • Greenfield sites preferably inside the Dublin M50 belt but not limited to this location;
  • Existing Nursing Homes or planned nursing home projects;
  • Completed, partially completed or pre planning residential projects;
  • Hotels & Public Houses city and or country wide;

JMK will consider any and all commercially viable projects presented to us. Please see below our client road map for consideration.

  1. Client comes in;
  2. Client outlines their case and expectation with full, frank and honest disclosure;
  3. JMK discusses the process and fees;
  4. It is only upon receipt of all the necessary and relevant information that the Investment fund will be in a position to consider a proposal. This proposal can and will only be viewed only after all necessary and relevant information is disclosed and reviewed and in particular confirmation from the client’s solicitor that there is good marketable title. Also required from the client’s solicitor is:
    • On all registered property a copy of the folio and map;
    • On all unregistered property a copy of the memorial and map;
    • A Solicitor’s undertaking to discharge JMK’s final agreed fees upon first drawdowns/drawdown from the investment fund;
  5. Client’s case to be provisionally presented to the investment fund for opinion;

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