A. Information pertaining to your debt: who you are indebted to, the amounts that you owe, what correspondence you have received from these institutions, whether or not legal proceedings have been issued against you.

A. No, JMK cannot provide you with a solicitor but can give you legal information. However; JMK has access to solicitors and barristers at very competitive rates who will represent your interest should the need arise. JMK will use their best efforts and endeavors to negotiate with your financial institutions to avoid legal proceedings being issued against you.

A. JMK have experienced negotiators who can draw on a wealth of knowledge and experience in this area who will negotiate on your behalf directly with your financial institutions.

A. Our fees are very competitive, affordable and transparent and are based and determined on whether it is secured or unsecured and domestic or commercial debt or a combination of both.

A. The amount of debt is only relevant in terms of when negotiations commence with your financial institution and the potential for if any settlement or sustainable repayment plan that may be agreed between you and your financial institution.

A. Should you require the services of a solicitor or and barrister; JMK have access to solicitors and barristers at very competitive rates but in the majority of cases that JMK negotiate on there would be no requirement for the services of a solicitor or and barrister.

A. No, JMK will carry out all negotiations on your behalf, thus relieving the financial and psychological burden off your shoulders and allowing you the peace of mind and dignity to get on with your life.

A. JMK will negotiate and communicate with your financial institution on your behalf and only with your instructions and authority to do so. Only those institutions and JMK will be privy to your private and personal information and no other third party unless you consent to such disclosure.

A. JMK Consultants Ltd have a very professional team that consists of a highly experienced Accountant, in-house solicitor and two senior negotiators from a financial, construction and technology background along with both front and back office staff that are very familiar with the area of debt negotiation.

A. Our fees are open and transparent and fully invoiced and vatable. JMK have a standard fee structure and there are no hidden costs. If any additional fees arise the client will have been full appraised of any likelihood or possibility of such costs arising and the reasons for such costs at the very outset prior to the client retaining the services of JMK.

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