scalesJMK Consultants has its own legal department and employs a qualified practicing in-house-solicitor who previously was a practicing Barrister-at-law. Our legal department advises the company directly on various legal issues both domestic and commercial in nature.

The in-house legal department is constantly updating JMK Consultants Ltd on the up-to-date law surrounding debt management in Ireland and any case law and legislation that may have an impact and bearing on our clients mortgage and debt difficulties that they are now challenged with.

From a client’s perspective JMK can seek in-house legal advice on any aspect of a client’s problems in order to clarify and give the client legal information pertaining to that particular problem.

JMK Consultants can after being appraised by their legal department of the legal issues that are presented, advise the client of an overall strategy to move forward in order to give the client options that will enable the client to resolve their financial difficulty.

wigOne of the distinct advantages that JMK Consultants enjoys by having its own legal department is that they can avail of instant legal advice should the need arise and JMK can then brief their clients with information in a more structured and focused way that gives the client both clarity and confidence so that the client can be reassured that their financial difficulty can be resolved thus giving the client the financial closure which will enable them to move on with their lives instead of being tied down with their ongoing and never ending debt problems.

Depending on the complexity of the legal matter presented JMK Consultants Legal department have direct access to the Law Library of Ireland that houses over 2,000 qualified practicing barristers-at-law that will allow them to requisition further legal opinion should the need arise.


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