10314563_312100148941398_4764936882383396464_nMost families in Ireland have experienced some change in their economic circumstances over the last twelve months, be it drop in property value, loss of employment or a reduction in income.

As a direct result of this we have become more cost conscious and a lot of people have switched to cheaper alternatives for their regular monthly bills. There is a mind of information available and sometimes getting the right information can take a lot of time and effort.

JMK was set up with the sole purpose of helping our customers easily reduce their monthly spending now and into the future. We will advise on how and where you can cut your costs and will continue to do so at regular intervals.

As new entrants come into each of the utilities markets, or mergers or closures occur within industries, it can be difficult to keep on top of all of the changes. This is particularly true if you are focused on work and family and subsequently, you may not have time to constantly review your spending.

JMK will do that for you, it is a quick simple process and once you become a customer of JMK our commitment to you will be to update you regularly on areas that you may be able to save money.

It can be difficult to work out if one Electricity supplier is cheaper than another or one telephone company’s offer is better in the long term than another’s. You may not even be aware of a competitor in a particular market, like Natural Gas. Is your mobile phone package the best suited to your usage? Does your land line company offer the best value for what you want? Can you take a broadband package that offers not only a low cost, but the right speed to suit your usage needs.

Our promise to you is that we will examine what you spend and who you spend it with and if we cannot show you a better alternative then we will advise you to stay where you are. A cheaper alternative now may cost more in the long run, as some companies offer greater discounts to get you as a customer and once your initial period is over then the cost goes up.

Once your discount expires your utility provider will not tell you that a cheaper entrant has come to the market, yet that is precisely what we will do.

Our service is unique in that we will come to you; we will examine your spending we will provide you with a written report on where you can make savings.

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