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What others say about us

I was hopelessly indebted before I spoke  to JMK. After the first consultation I could see a light at the end of the tunnel and once I realised that JMK could actually help, I began to sleep better and see my life get back on track. For this I will be forever grateful to the team at JMK.

My debts had risen to a point that even if I could make the minimum payments it would have taken over 30 years to clear. I was just about to default when a friend told me about JMK and suggested I speak with them. One of my worst fears in speaking to anyone about my debts is that I felt they would think me foolish and at fault for my own situation and as such judge me on this. This was certainly not the case with the people at JMK. No judgement was made, only an outstretched hand to help me through to a successful conclusion. Thanks, JMK.

Facing a huge mortgage and in negative equity, we really thought we had come to the end of the road. The strain was unbearable. However, once we placed our trust in the hands of the good people at JMK it was like a cloud lifting. Everything was sorted for us and most importantly, we are still living in our own family home with a bright future ahead.

After a commercial investment that went very wrong during the downturn in the economy I was left in a very bad place. I felt I let everyone associated with the venture down and found it difficult to go out in public as I thought the community at large seen me in exactly this light. I somehow found the courage to arrange a consultation with JMK and when I met with them, I found them to be extremely professional, supportive, and above all non-judgemental of my situation. I would recommend anyone else in a similar situation to speak to JMK where they will receive a genuine, and empathetic welcome.

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