debtThe call from the withheld number or the A5 White envelope through the letterbox with the Po Box number on the back is the first thing that we stop when we deal with your creditors on your behalf. Drawers full of unopened letters and a cold sweat when the doorbell rings is an all too common occurrence today for many people.

JMK will try to take some or all of the stress from your daily life by getting your creditors to call us and write to us. We will provide your creditors with a professionally prepared Income and expenditure breakdown and we will deal with all of the hassle that you have been dealing with.

“Any Debt Management Services” carried out by JMK Consultants Ltd are provided on a pro-bono basis.

We will not take money from you to pay to your creditors. What we will do is advise you on whom to pay, how to pay and what you can afford. We don’t believe that you should spend all of your income on servicing debt, but we also don’t believe that you should run away from what you owe. We will show you how to put them all at arms length and get on with living your lives.

While we are passionate about helping you get through difficult times, we can be dispassionate with your creditors when discussing your debts with them. By that we mean that we will not be bullied into making a committment that you cannot afford.

In addition to dealing with the day to day calls and letters that you are receiving we can also recommend a highly specialised team of Solicitors, Accountants and Banking Experts who can help you to deal with the problems thrown at you by your Bank or Building Society. We have had great success in having interest charges frozen, significant amounts of debt being written off and most importantly all of our clients now have peace of mind because of the work that we do on your behalf.

Our sole aim is to protect you, your family, and what you have spent your whole life working to build up.